City of Florence (Timmonsville)

In order to meet regulatory standards, the City of Florence agreed to assume responsibility for operations and maintenance of the Town of Timmonsville’s water and sewer system. This effort included comprehensive infrastructure upgrades and improvements utilizing multiple funding sources. The water project included a new 300,000 gallon elevated storage tank that was funded through a $500,000 RIA grant as well as a $700,000 SRF loan in 2016.  This project served more than 2,000 residential customers. The sewer (Clean Water) project (funded in 2018) was comprised of three loans totaling $8.5M and addressed upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant as well as rehabilitate sewer lines, manholes and pump stations. All of these projects will bring the Timmonsville system into compliance with regulatory requirements as well as meet future demands.

The US Environmental Protection Agency recognized Florence’s efforts in both the Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund program as one of only a handful of projects to receive the distinction of Exceptional Recognition through EPA’s PISCES and AQUARIUS Award programs.

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