RIA announces $1.369 billion in funding for over 200 communities!

The S.C. Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) just announced it has awarded $1.369 billion in grant funding to communities across the state to assist with improvements for clean drinking water, sanitary sewer and stormwater resilience. The funds, made via the award of 216 grants to local governments and public water and sewer utilities across South Carolina, will go a long way in protecting the quality of life, addressing long-term sustainability and providing new opportunities for growth and development. This brings the total SCIIP funds committed to $1.469 billion for 219 projects.

More information on SCIIP Awards

SCIIP funding offers a unique opportunity to make long-term capital improvements that will strengthen critical services to residents and businesses, create more resilient communities and build the capacity to support future opportunities. Most projects were selected as part of a competitive grant program by RIA’s board of directors based on criteria including priority needs, transformational impact, feasibility, readiness to proceed, leveraging and geographic diversity. Projects will benefit communities in every county.



For further information regarding the recent SCIIP announcement, please refer to these downloadable resources.

What's Next for Grantees

Written notifications were mailed to all applicants following Board approval with additional implementation information provided to grantees. A SCIIP Project Management Workshop is planned for May 31, 2023 and technical assistance will be provided directly to each grantee. For more information, visit the SCIIP project implementation page.

Water and sewer are key to life. The right water and sewer systems in a county can transform a tax base, creating jobs, good schools, and a vibrant community. With this investment … we can ensure that South Carolina will have the workforce, the infrastructure, and the quality of life necessary to compete nationally and globally for jobs and investment – for generations to come.

-South Carolina Governor, Henry McMaster