The South Carolina Infrastructure Investment Program (SCIIP) is a major one-time initiative to improve water, wastewater and stormwater systems throughout the state using federal funds allocated by the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). SCIIP offers a unique opportunity to make long-term capital improvements that will strengthen critical services to residents and businesses across the state, create more resilient communities and build the capacity to support future opportunities for growth and economic development.

The SCIIP Grant Application deadline is now closed.

Webinar Information

Missed the event? Don’t worry, the SCIIP webinar was recorded!

 To view the recording of the SCIIP webinar, click here: SCIIP Webinar Recording.

You can navigate to different portions of the webinar using the time stamps below:

04:12               RIA and ARPA Funding, Bonnie Ammons, Slides 4-9
13:49               SC Infrastructure Investment Program, Bonnie Ammons, Slides 10-20
30:00              Grant Guidelines, Liz Rosinski, Slides 21-42
50:24               Application Process, Jackie Mack, Slides 42-60
1:04:18            Selection Process & Other Considerations, Kendra Wilkerson, Slides 61-75
1:20:27            Outreach & Wrap-up, Bonnie Ammons, Slides 76-80

Follow-up to Regional Meetings

Presentation Slides
Now Available

In July, the RIA held several regional meetings around the state (Duncan/Spartanburg, Aiken, Florence and Summerville), presenting on the SCIIP program, taking questions from the audience and meeting one on one with those interested in discussing potential projects.

We thank everything for their participation.

The Powerpoint slides from the regional meetings are now available.


Competitive Programs

Community Impact Grant: $683M

• 60% for large utilities
serving 30K or more people.
• 25% local investment requirement.

• 40% for smaller utilities
serving less than 30K people or
utilities in Tier III/IV counties. • 15% local investment requirement.

Regional Solutions Grant: $80M

Funding for projects that result in regional consolidation, new or expanded operating agreements or other partnerships, particularly with smaller systems that have viability concerns.

• 15% local investment requirement.

Viability Planning Grant: $20M

Grants up to $1 million maximum will go to very small systems serving 3,300 or fewer people that want to address viability concerns or evaluate regional options as well as to identify capital improvement needs.

• No local investment requirement.

Funding Available

$900 million in total program funding

$10 million may be requested per project or application for competitive infrastructure grants.

Eligible Applicants

Units of local government, special purpose districts, commission of public works and joint municipal organizations. Units of local government may apply on behalf of non-profit water and sewer systems. Applicants must generally own or operate the facilities to be improved.

Eligible Activities

Water, wastewater and stormwater

Water and sewer are key to life. The right water and sewer systems in a county can transform a tax base, creating jobs, good schools, and a vibrant community. With this investment … we can ensure that South Carolina will have the workforce, the infrastructure, and the quality of life necessary to compete nationally and globally for jobs and investment – for generations to come.

-South Carolina Governor, Henry McMaster