Powerful Partnerships

Utilities often tackle big challenges by working together in various ways to combine their strengths.  The case studies below illustrate some of the ways that utilities can partner for long-term success.

Union, Carlisle & Lockhart

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Lowcountry Regional Water System

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Joint Municipal WSC & Batesburg-Leesville

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Funding Assistance

There are funding resources available to support these partnership efforts. RIA’s Regional Feasibility Planning grant provides funds for studies of existing conditions and the regional solutions that might address identified issues. SRF principal forgiveness funds can be used for both regional planning and implementation of regional efforts. Both RIA and SRF prioritize construction projects that advance a regional partnership. Use the links below to learn more.

Organizational Options for Utilities

There are a number of ways that utilities in South Carolina can legally be organized, from municipalities to special purpose districts to joint authorities. These options present opportunities for communities to build the utilities that work for them. The document below gives an overview of each type and how it can be established.

Viability Survey Overview

Learn more about the SC Rural Infrastructure's Viability Survey.

Viability Survey Spreadsheet Instructions

Review the instructions and download the Viability Survey spread sheet.

Viability Survey Toolkit

View helpful links and resources for the Viability Survey.