RIA is focused on serving communities and finding ways to fund infrastructure projects statewide. Outreach services include workshops and presentations about funding programs as well as guidance for implementing RIA-funded projects. By serving as a resource – whether the need is for technical or financial assistance – RIA helps to identify affordable infrastructure solutions. We take a proactive approach in working with communities by coordinating and leveraging other federal and state funding programs with local funds whenever possible. This increases the impact and promotes greater affordability and sustainability.


Forms & Documents

Whether you are applying for a grant, SRF loan, or already have approval for your funds, we have all the necessary forms and documents you need to complete your project.

Funding Partners

The SC Infrastructure Funders Coordinating Committee is comprised of representatives from federal and state agencies, including the SC Rural Infrastructure Authority, that provide funding for infrastructure in South Carolina.

Other Affiliates

RIA coordinates with other professional organizations in the state to assist communities and build infrastructure capacity. Explore other resources available to you.

Water and Sewer Rates

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*This annual rate survey summary is based on the most recent rate surveys received from local providers, but may no longer be current. The monthly average rate is based on 5,000 gallons usage. Due to the possibility of errors in individual survey forms and data entry, the RIA does not guarantee the accuracy of this survey. Should any errors be found, please contact this office, as we do strive for maximum accuracy.

“RIA’s financial assistance is a direct investment in the future of South Carolina’s communities. By ensuring that residents have safe drinking water and a clean environment, we improve the quality of life and open the door to future opportunities.”

-Bonnie Ammons, Executive Director, SC Rural Infrastructure Authority