Apply For a State Grant

RIA will hold two application rounds in FY24, with due dates on September 11, 2023 and March 11, 2024.

Click the button below to download the FY24 application for all state grant programs. You may also find it beneficial to review the slides from our Grant Application Workshop, which are also provided below.


Local governments, special purpose and public service districts, and public works commissions may apply for RIA grants.

Not-for-profit water/sewer companies are not eligible applicants, but may be assisted with RIA funds if the local government being served by the project serves as the applicant.

Basic & Economic Infrastructure Grant: Assistance is available for a variety of water, waste water and storm water drainage construction activities. While RIA often prioritizes upgrades and improvements of existing infrastructure, extensions of lines and new construction activities also are eligible.

Infrastructure Planning Grant: Funds may be used for engineering, financial and other consultant costs associated with the preparation of studies and system assessments. Studies should assess technical, operational and/or financial conditions and evaluate the alternative courses of action in order to provide recommendations that will lead to greater long-term viability or regional solutions.

Match Requirements

Basic & Economic Infrastructure Grant: RIA funds must be used for project-related construction costs. Applicants are responsible for all planning, engineering, permitting, acquisition, legal or other non-construction related costs. Applicants within counties designated by the SC Department of Revenue (DOR) as a Tier I or II county must also provide at least 25% of construction costs.

Infrastructure Planning Grant: Applicants for infrastructure planning activities within Tier III and IV counties are not required to provide a match. Applicants for such planning grants within Tier I and II counties are required to provide a 25% match of the total project cost.  

Click the map to view counties where a 25% match is required.

Application Process

RIA strives to make the application process straightforward and easy to understand. We recommend applicants review the instructional pages included at the end of the grant applications. RIA staff are available to answer questions and help you throughout the process! Applicants should not obligate any funds until an award decision has been made, which takes place generally 10 weeks after application submittal.