Grants are offered to assist in the development of reliable infrastructure statewide and increase capacity for economic growth. Financial assistance is made available during two competitive funding rounds annually. Applications are reviewed on a comparative basis with consideration of the relative need, feasibility and impact of each project. Funding decisions are made by the RIA’s Board of Directors. RIA staff can provide technical assistance to help communities apply for funding to address critical infrastructure needs.

Basic Infrastructure

The Basic Infrastructure program is designed to assist communities in complying with environmental quality standards, protecting public health from other environmental concerns or improving the capacity of existing infrastructure. Funds may be also used to address infrastructure that has exceeded its useful life and no longer provides quality services.

Economic Infrastructure

Through the Economic Infrastructure program, funding will help build or enhance local infrastructure to support economic development that will create and retain jobs as well as boost opportunities for future economic impact. Reliable infrastructure benefits both new and existing businesses and puts communities in a position to attract additional investment that will contribute to long-term community sustainability.

Regional Feasibility Planning Grant

The Regional Feasibility Planning program is designed to support water and sewer systems in planning for long-term viability through regional solutions. Eligible entities that are seeking a path to viability, including regional consolidation or other partnerships, may apply for assistance to assess the feasibility and resource requirements of various alternatives in order to make informed decisions.

Planning funds may be used for engineering, financial and other consultant costs associated with preparation of studies. A 25% match of total planning costs is required for applicants in Tier I or II counties. Studies should assess the technical, operational and financial conditions of one or more systems and evaluate the alternative courses of action, including at least one regional approach, in order to provide recommendations that will lead to greater long-term viability.

Program Strategy

The SC Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) Annual Grant Program Strategy reflects the Board of Directors’ plan for distributing grant funds and selecting qualified infrastructure projects. It serves as a guiding document for those interested in applying for financial assistance. Updated annually in July, each grant program category includes a description of the available funds, eligible activities, priorities and other pertinent information for applicants.


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