City of Woodruff

The City of Woodruff and the Upstate region are on the cusp of growth. Ordinarily, that’s a good thing. But officials knew the city’s wastewater infrastructure wouldn’t be able to keep up with expanding residential, commercial and industrial demands. The wwtp facility was nearing the end of its lifespan, and the sewer collection system and pump stations were failing.
As part of an overall effort to expand and modernize their infrastructure, RIA funds were used to upgrade a nearly-70-year-old pump station. The pump station had repeated sanitary sewer overflows and spilled its contents directly into the path of school children walking to school. In addition, the pump station did not have backup power, and the pumps, control panel, guide rails and valves were past their life expectancy and failed regularly.
This important upgrade as well as expansion efforts at the wwtp earned the City the 2018 Achievement Award from the Municipal Association of South Carolina.