Lancaster County Water and Sewer District

Lancaster County Water and Sewer District (LCWSD) has a “goal to improve the quality of life in [their] county by providing the highest quality water and wastewater service possible.” And that is evident with the numerous awards and accolades the system has received over the years.

Yet even with regular maintenance including camera inspections, pressure cleaning and root cutting that are accomplished by the sewer system crew on a routine basis, their 40 year-old clay pipes have exceeded their expected useful life and increasingly are experiencing above normal infiltration and inflow (I&I), all of which leaves the system susceptible to sanitary sewer overflows.

In addition, the project area drains to another utility’s sub-basin which is currently under an EPA Administrative Order of Consent, highlighting the need to address the problem in a timely manner. LCWSD secured RIA grant funding to install cured-in place pipe for more than 10,000 linear feet (LF) of pipe and manhole rehabilitation.

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Upgraded aging infrastructure
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