Apply For a SCIIP Grant

The SCIIP Grant Application deadline is now closed.

Program Strategy

The Program Strategy serves as a guidance document and includes a detailed summary of the key program parameters as outlined in H 4408, passed by the General Assembly in May 2022. 

Local Investment Requirements

In order to maximize SCIIP funds and increase impact, a local funding contribution is required for Community Impact and Regional Solutions grants. Local investment minimum requirements for each grant category are detailed in the Program Strategy. Because applications for Community Impact projects located in counties listed as Tier III or IV by the SC Department of Revenue have a different local investment requirement, a map identifying those counties is available.

Utilities serving 10,000 people or less may request up to $500,000 of RIA state grant funds to be used toward local investment requirements. The applicant should be able to demonstrate viability and ongoing investment in system capital improvement needs. The request must be made in the SCIIP application and justified based on need, feasibility and impact

SCIIP Frequently Asked Questions

The latest version (v.3) of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) reflects questions received by the SC Rural Infrastructure Authority as it pertains to the new SC Infrastructure Investment Program (SCIIP). If you do not see an answer to a question you may have submitted, it is because we are still working to provide the responses. In some cases, we are seeking additional guidance on the federal requirements.   Additional FAQs will be published as needed to address your questions and assist you in project development.

Important Dates

The deadline to submit a SCIIP grant application is now closed.
The federal expenditure deadline is December 31, 2026.