Union, Carlisle & Lockhart

Lockhart and Carlisle are small towns that each provide water and wastewater services to a few hundred customers. These towns have an established relationship with the nearby City of Union, which has provided informal assistance with water and wastewater issues for years. In fact, when Carlisle found itself in need of help to treat its wastewater, an agreement was made to construct a line to Union’s facility.

With the support of an RIA Regional Feasibility Planning Grant, these communities are conducting a study of the wastewater and drinking water systems of both Carlisle and Lockhart, which will include evaluating the possibility of the City of Union taking ownership or management of both Towns’ systems. An important element of the study is that it will look at the pros and cons for all parties: not just whether the City of Union could afford to operate the Towns’ systems without burdening its existing customers, but also whether the residents of Carlisle and Lockhart would benefit in the long run.