Viability Toolkit



  • SC Utility Viability Tool

    RIA developed a pilot self-assessment tool based on the results of the South Carolina Water Utility Assessment. It is intended to help utility leaders, technical assistance providers and others identify issues that may need to be addressed to strengthen the long-term viability of water and sewer utilities. You will need to download the Excel file in order to use it. If you have difficulty using this tool or ideas for improving it, please email

    Download the Tool



  • CMOM Self-Assessment Checklist


    CMOM stands for “capacity, management, operations, and maintenance. The CMOM checklist is a screening-level tool that can help utilities identify areas of strength and weakness, as well as flag CMOM program areas that need improvement, and establish priorities for additional detailed assessments. The checklist also allows for the comparison of annual performance.

Utility Viability Overview

Learn more about initiatives to support the long-term viability of utilities in South Carolina.

Powerful Partnerships

Read about the success utilities can achieve by working together in various ways to combine their strengths.

Technical Assistance

Contact an expert in helping water and wastewater utilities overcome challenges.